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WW2 veterans from Seaton are honoured.

By flintstonescottage, Jan 12 2015 03:19PM

Two world war 2 veterans who live in Seaton near to Flintstones cottage have been honoured by the Russian Government for his bravery. Frank Scanlon and George Langridge, now aged in their 90's, were part of the Arctic Convoys that defied German U-boat attacks and fighter planes to deliver vital supplies to the Soviet Union in Northern Russia. More than 3,000 British sailors and airmen died during the campaign that was called "the worst journey in the world ", by Sir Winston Churchill. A member of the Russian Embassy staff presented Frank and George with the Ushakov medals at a ceremony that took place in Exeter during December. "It is important to salute you for the courage and bravery shown 70 years ago." said Sergy Nalobin the Russian Counsellor.

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