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Twenty two thousand gold coins found on the site of a Roman Villa in Seaton, Devon!!

By flintstonescottage, Oct 1 2014 12:17PM

There is great excitement in and around Seaton at the moment after it has been announced by the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter that it hopes to exhibit the remarkable find!

Apparently, a local man, Mr. Laurence Egerton was out using his metal detector in a field near Honey Ditches Road , which leads on to a field where there are the remains of a Roman Villa, when the device gave a "high-pitched bleep". He found two Roman gold coins and began to dig into the ground using a shovel. Within a few minutes "thousands of coins spilled up onto the field"!

He telephoned his wife to bring a camera and he remained in his car alongside the find for the next three days to guard the hoard from anyone else "making off " with them before archaeologists arrived to record the find and continue with the excavation!

The coins weigh 68 kg in total and were minted between AD 330 and AD 341. They are in remarkably good condition and the face of the Roman Emperor, Constantine, can clearly be seen.

Who knows, there may still more coins buried around the site!

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